Types of Dessert Wines : Serving Dessert Wine

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A Sommelier’s wine & food pairing tips

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Debbie is always up for the challenge! With only two hours notice, Debbie pulled wines out of her cellar to pair with the tuna creation made on air by restaurant owner and chef Mike Picard from Ottawa's Infusion Bistro.

Wine Types & Selection Tips : Choose Wine as a Gift

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Food & Wine Pairing : Food & Wine Pairing: Red Wine with Meat

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How to Pair Wine with Beef

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Wine Types & Selection Tips : Wine for a Dinner Party

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Wine Types & Selection Tips : Types of Rose Wines

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An Interview with Tim Mondavi

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Tylor Field, III, V.P. of Wine & Spirits for Morton's The Steakhouse, interviewed Tim Mondavi, Partner of Continuum Estate. Hear about Tim's quest for the perfect estate and why it's important to carry on his fam...

How to make Sangria with red wine

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How to make Red wine sangria

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1 bottle of sweet red wine, I 1/2 cup triple sec, 1/4 cupof brandy,1/4 cup sugar 2 oranges 2lemons 2 limes,1/4 sugar superfine I end up putting 1 half cup of peach schnapps, oh and pineapples

How to make Cheese Fondue

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Recipes – Grilled Oysters on the Half Shell

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For more grilling recipes and videos, visit: http://www.uncorked.com/wine/grilling-videos.html

De Bortoli Wines Recipe: Steamed Mussels with Crusty Bread

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Recipe by Leanne De Bortoli, cooked by Adam Mead, Head Chef at De Bortoli Yarra Valley Estates' Locale Restaurant. Enjoy with La Bohème Act Two Dry Pinot Noir Rosé.

Aguila Reserva Coleccion Tempranillo Carineria

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Red wine guide: Garnacha

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Jacktone Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon

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Types of Red Wine : Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Facts

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2014 Summer Reds

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A sneak peak at some great summer red wines. The Urbanite Cabernet, Omero Pinot Noir and the Hecula Monastrell.


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Picking Elderberries the Easiest Way! 10 pounds of berries in less then 30 minutes!! Wash the berries in the bucket with cold water to float away the junk, drain and use them to make wine.

Home Brewing a basic apple wine/cider “Inmate Brew”

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Home Brewing up my first basic "Inmate Brew" hard apple cider/wine. Thanks for watching. Cheers!

Elderberry Wine pt. 2

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Today we perform the second of four steps in making a batch of wine.