Ordering wine: How to choose a bottle of wine in a restaurant

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Wine Information : Red Wine Etiquette

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An Interview with Marcia Mondavi Borger

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Marcia Mondavi Borger, daughter of Robert Mondavi and co-partner of Continuum Estate, spoke with Tylor Field, III from Morton's The Steakhouse. She and her brother, Tim Mondavi, founded their incredible estate in 20...

Wine Information : Decanting Red Wine

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Food & Wine Pairing : Food & Wine Pairing: Wine & Barbecue

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Tasting Chardonnay

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Types of Dessert Wines : Port Dessert Wines

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Wine Types & Selection Tips : Types of Rose Wines

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Leanne’s famous Pork Sausage and Lentil cook-up

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Leanne De Bortoli and former Locale Head Chef Heath, show us how to make this quick and easy one-pot wonder in Leanne's home on the Yarra Valley Estate.

De Bortoli Wines Recipes: Canadian Pork Back Ribs

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Recipe by Jennifer De Bortoli, cooked by De Bortoli Yarra Valley Estate's Head Chef, Adam Mead. Enjoy with Deen Vat 4 Petit Verdot.

Hardcore Kitchen – Drink Girls Teach You How to Make a Red Wine Sangria

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http://bite.ca - Hardcore hotties Cheynelle and Katie teach you the art of making a good Red Sangria.

Recipes – Grilled Fruit

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For more grilling recipes and videos, visit: http://www.uncorked.com/wine/grilling-videos.html


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Picking Elderberries the Easiest Way! 10 pounds of berries in less then 30 minutes!! Wash the berries in the bucket with cold water to float away the junk, drain and use them to make wine.

Elderberry Wine 6

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Transferring wine to secondary fermenter. Clean and use bleach solution to sterilize 2nd fermenter (carboy) ,then siphon from bucket to carboy. Leave any sludge at bottom of primary fermenter behind, no need to sipho...