Part 2 of 5: Making Homemade Wine. (Please click on my website for much more information regarding winemaking, grape growing, etc., at: Adding the yeast nutrient, wine yeast, fermentation, punching down the cap, draining the fermentor and filling the carboys with free run wine. This video demonstrates the making of Merlot wine from a shipment of fresh Chilean grapes. The procedure for making this homemade wine is done in a step by step/day by day (story) method. I have also included some of my favorite audio clips from famous DeNiro movies and older Italian-American style songs in what I felt was a “humorous” manner that enhanced the enjoyment of these four videos. Topics in these five videos include: Making Homemade Wine, Winemaking Video, Making Homemade Merlot Wine, Winemaking, Homemade Wine, Chilean Grapes, Merlot Wine, Making Wine, Pressing Wine Grapes, Crushing Wine Grapes, Wine Fermentation, Racking Wine, Wine Press, Grape Crusher, Wine Yeast, Wine Must, Wine Siphoning, Testing Wine pH, Measuring Wine Acid, Testing Wine Sugar, Testing Wine Acid, Wine Hydrometer, Wine Additives, Wine Labels, PVC Bottle Seals, etc.


Making Wine- Fruit

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